Your friendly neighbourhood English Speaking tour guide for Lille, France

Place de la Gare, Lille, France
  • Durée:
    4 hours

I can understand how hard it is sometimes to get an English speaking tour guide in a small French city.

With me you will be getting value added services like:

  • English speaking guidance and translation.
  • Modes of accessibility traveling for people with needs.

I believe that sometimes we need to stand and enjoy the sight for the moment and not just run from landmarks to landmarks. If you enjoy the littlest and quirky observations while traveling alongwith the main landmarks, I am your friendly guide who lets you choose your own pace.

With me you will be mainly enjoying –

  • Historical/monumental landmarks
  • Gastronomical tour
  • Night life of Lille (extra service)

So let’s meet and tour Lille together!




Proposé par Priyanka Tamuley

Priyanka Tamuley

A digital marketer by profession, a traveller by passion - I believe in the motto of - "travel is for all" and likewise, my niche is in providing you a tour with accessibility - in a beautiful small and bustling French city, Lille.
I came to Lille as a student and have fallen in love with the cuteness of the city.
If you are looking for an all English speaking tour guide in a small French city - I am your person.