Water color on the spot Bien-être

Place Diamant, 20000 Ajaccio,
  • Durée:

Painting from the real scene and going from one scene to another with watercolors in Ajaccio to make your stay in Corsica a unique experience.

Painting with simple techniques accessible to either beginners or experienced painters.

Brushes, colors and paper are provided.



Proposé par Isabelle Dumond

Isabelle Dumond

Have you been longing to live an artist's life on a paradise island somewhere in the middle of the Meditteranean sea? Then come and you'll fall in love at first sight with this place and the romanticism that pervades here!
I've been a professional tour guide as well as a professional trainer for over 20 years can't get enough of it! Also dedicated to painting, cooking, trekking and sailing so as to offer a wide range of fulfilling activities while on vacation here with us ! Trust me with different sorts of arrangements with beds and breakfast, restaurants or chauffeur and just sit back and relax!